PR 2.0 has jumped the shark

Brian Solis:

[…] PR 2.0, therefore, is significant and it is worthy of discussion, rather than ridicule. And let me point out, that there will not be a 3.0 or any other rev numbers, unless there is another tremendous evolution, fusion, or breakthrough in the practice, science, and art of communications.

Too late, Brian:

The age of PR 3.0 is upon us.
And the New PR is now a company.

Oh, well.

The PR blogosphere continues to grow | PR Blogs List update

Here’s the latest update of the PR and Communications Blogs List. As always, corrections and recommendations are welcome.


General information:


Group blogs



Communication Sense & Nonsense – Liesbeth Laureys

Comunicação Organizacional — Fábio Albuquerque


Chile – Dino Villegas

Imagethief — Public relations, technology and interesting times in China

¿Comunicación? – Victor Solano

Change Minds — MS&L France

PR Guruk (group blog)




Italy – Carlo Odello

Tópicos de Comunicación Organizacional – profesor Octavio Islas, Monterrey


The PR 2.0 — Melvin Yuan


South Africa
Deon Binneman’s blogs — Managing Reputation and INSULATION

Text 100 Stockholm

Trinidad and Tobago
IABC – Trinidad and Tobago Chapter

United Kingdom

United States


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Upcoming events in April: SES, WOMBAT, BDI

No, I’m not planning to write only about my day job on this blog, but until we’ll have our corporate blog up and running (about a week or so) I thought I’ll let you know about a couple of events where you can find the Converseon team — just in case you might want to participate, or come by and say hi :)

So here they are:

  • I’ll be at the Search Engines Strategies conference in New York, on April 9, where my boss Rob Key is going to join Nan Dawkins from RedBoots on a panel called Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy
  • Rob is going to present our first Second Life community project, done in partnership with Plant-It 2020, at WOMMA’s Word of Mouth Basic Training conference in New Orleans, on April 18. If you plan to attend the event (which is highly recommended!), you can use guestofconverseon for a $75 discount when you register. (Disclaimer: Converseon is currently a WOMMA governing member)
  • Finally, I’ll be at the Authentic Communications event organized by the Business Development Institute in New York, on April 24, where Rob will join a panel of top communicators from Porter Novelli, Hewlett-Packard, AARP and Community Connect to discuss about social media’s impact on corporate communications and branding. Please drop me an e-mail if you’re interested in getting a discounted pass.

Hope to see you there!

Converseon is welcoming a very special Young fellow

Hey, the headline says it all! :)

I’m really happy to announce that, starting today, Paull Young is joining Converseon as Senior Account Executive, and that we’ll work together to create social media strategies for our clients (here’s the official press release, including an audio message from Paull).

Paull needs no introduction. He built a unique profile for himself in the PR blogosphere, as a blogger and director of podcasting for Forward, and as a leader for the anti-astroturfing campaign. And, of course, he’s that one lucky guy who traveled around the world to meet in “meat space” the friends made on the internet :)

Welcome aboard, mate! It’s a thrill to be your colleague!

Update: Here’s Paull’s entry on the announcement.

2007 PRWeek Awards Highlights

(Follow the links to PRWeek’s The Cycle for more info on each campaign/winner)

Congrats to the winners!

PR Review : The effects of practitioner blog use on power in public relations

Available online (PDF) for a limited time (thank you, Kaye!):

L.V. Porter, K.D. Sweetser Trammell, D. Chung and E. Kim, Blog power: Examining the effects of practitioner blog use on power in public relations, Public Relations Review 33 (2007), pp. 92-95.


While blogs are not yet a standard public relations tool, practitioners use blogs to enhance their power within their organizations. Using an online survey of public relations practitioners, this pilot test examined the relationship between power and blog use. Three factored categorizations of blog use among practitioners emerged: routine information and research, interactive blog communication, and issues identification. Results showed differences based on power, between blog users and non-users, owner-practitioners and non-owners, among others.

Keywords: Power; Blogs; Weblogs; Public relations practitioners; Web; Internet