Scoble & Israel’s “Naked Conversations” — Outline

Naked ConversationsRobert Scoble and Shel Israel have used a blog in order write their book, Naked Conversations, but there’s no simple way to browse the chapters and interviews published on the blog. Here’s a solution that is using Grazr to provide links to the main chapters and to additional entries (interviews, tips, etc.). Update: The outline includes also a custom search, based on GrazrScript and Google Blogsearch (thanks to the great guys from Grazr).

  • The book’s blog:
  • Import the OPML file | add the outline to your blog
  • Browse the outline:
    • click on the launch icon Grazr launch icon to open Grazr into its own resizable window
    • click on the globe icon Link icon to follow a link
    • click on the folder icon Open a folder in Grazr to show the folder’s content):

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