eKetchum’s director responds to criticism

Adam Brown, director of eKetchum (commenting on my previous post on the launch of Ketchum’s Personalized Media service): I’ve been reading the responses to Constantin’s post on the 18th and wanted to take this opportunity to respond. I apologize for my delay in responding, but I have been in the process of moving from Atlanta …

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Dear Ketchum, welcome to the blogosphere.

When it launched the Personalized Media service, Ketchum had some good ingredients for preparing a smooth entry in blogland: a (sort of) blog (and RSS feeds, by default), a podcast (well, almost), and a collaboration with a PR blogger. But it just didn’t managed to put all these elements together, which kinda sucks when you’re such a big PR firm, and didn’t managed to listen to those who talked about the launch and change what didn’t work, which definitely sucks in the blogosphere (“no conversation”= “bad, bad, bad” in my Cluetrain book).