21 Stats & 5 Quotes from Social Data Week New York

Stats & Facts Social media now drives 30-40% of all website traffic – @datasift Only 3% of F1000 companies report they’re getting value out of the social market space We’ll see 9X growth in shared content in next 5 years DataSift now analyzes more than 500M Tweets/Day There are 1.1 million daily tweets about wine …

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Global PR Blog Week 3.0 needs your ideas

It’s official (almost): we’re starting to organize Global PR Blog Week 3.0. It’s an event that will present the best articles, interviews, debates, case studies, and essays on how social media continues to change the Public Relations and Communications theory and practice, its relationships with other disciplines, and our roles as practitioners, students, and teachers. …

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BlogOrlando: be there

An un-conference organized by Josh Hallet and featuring sessions led by Andrea Weckerle, David Parmet and Chris Heuer, among others, needs no presentation (or hype). For those of us who can’t attend there’s a conference’s blog where we can follow the discussions. (Maybe they will blog the visit at Disney World, too :)

A treasure trove of research papers on blogging at the 2006 AEJMC Convention

Update: 18 students journalists are covering the Convention in AEJMC Reporter (feed) Ryan Sholin and Leonard Witt are also blogging the event Phil Gomes is speaking at the Convention.   If you’re a practitioner interested to learn about weblogs in PR and communications, do yourself a favor and participate to the 89th Convention of the …

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FPRA Blog Week starts today

The Florida Public Relations Association starts its online conference today. Although titled “FPRA Blog Week“, the conference is not about blogging: We want to showcase how a blog can be used as an innovative approach to mainstream practices. For this reason, we will publish only one article about blogs. The other articles will be about …

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