Blogging @ MWW, reloaded

If you’re googling blog and MWW (as in “MWW Group, the nation’s 11th largest public relations firm“), the first page of results is about the firm’s launch, in January 2005, of Blog 360°, “a new specialty practice with focused expertise in blog marketing.” That might change soon. Here’s why: First, Michael Kempner, MWW’s CEO and …

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To Blog or Not to Blog? That is tha question

There are a lot of guides for business blogging out there, but what’s different about this one, just published by Jeneane Sessum, is that it presents an insider’s view: it’s written from personal experience. The advice is addressing real-life questions, and it will help your company to enter the blogosphere without becoming a laughing stock …

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eKetchum’s director responds to criticism

Adam Brown, director of eKetchum (commenting on my previous post on the launch of Ketchum’s Personalized Media service): I’ve been reading the responses to Constantin’s post on the 18th and wanted to take this opportunity to respond. I apologize for my delay in responding, but I have been in the process of moving from Atlanta …

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Dear Ketchum, welcome to the blogosphere.

When it launched the Personalized Media service, Ketchum had some good ingredients for preparing a smooth entry in blogland: a (sort of) blog (and RSS feeds, by default), a podcast (well, almost), and a collaboration with a PR blogger. But it just didn’t managed to put all these elements together, which kinda sucks when you’re such a big PR firm, and didn’t managed to listen to those who talked about the launch and change what didn’t work, which definitely sucks in the blogosphere (“no conversation”= “bad, bad, bad” in my Cluetrain book).