21 Stats & 5 Quotes from Social Data Week New York

Stats & Facts

  1. Social media now drives 30-40% of all website traffic – @datasift
  2. Only 3% of F1000 companies report they’re getting value out of the social market space
  3. We’ll see 9X growth in shared content in next 5 years
  4. DataSift now analyzes more than 500M Tweets/Day
  5. There are 1.1 million daily tweets about wine
  6. The social economy – over 200 social networks with >1M users
  7. $5-10B/year are now being spent on advertising on social networks
  8. WSJ uses social data to decide which non-subscribing influencers to allow past the paywall
  9. The NFL is using social data to determine how many jerseys to manufacture
  10. 79% of Influential Moms visited Facebook in the past 30 days
  11. Influential Moms are 71% more likely than all adults to spend 5+ hours on social media in an average day
  12. Women drive 62% of all sharing actions on facebook
  13. Women spend 40% more time on social media than men
  14. 75% of consumers will not purchase without consulting an influencer first – @ears_delaney
  15. 90% of #social engagement is created by 3% of brand fans – Social Chorus
  16. 43 people drive 90% of the world’s #HarryPotter conversation
  17. 70% of @Buzzfeed’s UVs come from social, especially @Facebook
  18. How did @Buzzfeed get from 600K to 85M uniques? Machine learning, custom algorithms, social, & editors who hussle
  19. Tumblr facts: it has >138M blogs, 350M uniques/mo (doubled since April), 90M post/day
  20. About 95% of Tumblr blogs are reblogs; 1/3 happen more than 30 days after the original post
  21. Tumblr has 325M MAUs; high percentage of US unique views (~33%)


  1. News flash: marketing got f*ing hard – @garyvee
  2. We have math and we have creative. The magic is in the middle – @garyvee
  3. We’re creating a “Magical river of Internet awesome”- Danielle Strle, Tumblr
  4. Men are from stats and women are from feelings – @bklynstacy
  5. We started with tablets (stone) and we’re back to tablets – @ears_delaney