PR 2.0 has jumped the shark

Brian Solis:

[…] PR 2.0, therefore, is significant and it is worthy of discussion, rather than ridicule. And let me point out, that there will not be a 3.0 or any other rev numbers, unless there is another tremendous evolution, fusion, or breakthrough in the practice, science, and art of communications.

Too late, Brian:

The age of PR 3.0 is upon us.
And the New PR is now a company.

Oh, well.


  1. I guess I know what my next post will be about…. Subtract 1.0 from the PR Week article and bring us back to a place where we are still too far ahead of the rest of the industry.

  2. Brian, and anyone else in the industry who understands where we need to be and how we need to help our clients engage their communities is always ahead of the rest of the industry, no matter wha the number.

  3. highspeed growth does not necessarily mean innovation. I think that most the growth is attributable to greater entry into rapidly developing countries such as China, Brazil, Thailand (check the China PR observer blog on blogsarena for more, plug plug). The other potential reason is that execs may have finally realized the value of a strong communications strategy. PR has long been here and always will be, there is no “age of PR” because it is an essential service that has always been in demand even before we called it public relations.

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