Converseon is welcoming a very special Young fellow

Hey, the headline says it all! :)

I’m really happy to announce that, starting today, Paull Young is joining Converseon as Senior Account Executive, and that we’ll work together to create social media strategies for our clients (here’s the official press release, including an audio message from Paull).

Paull needs no introduction. He built a unique profile for himself in the PR blogosphere, as a blogger and director of podcasting for Forward, and as a leader for the anti-astroturfing campaign. And, of course, he’s that one lucky guy who traveled around the world to meet in “meat space” the friends made on the internet :)

Welcome aboard, mate! It’s a thrill to be your colleague!

Update: Here’s Paull’s entry on the announcement.


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  2. Constantin:

    Congratulations on landing Paull. I have no doubt that he’ll be an outstanding hire for Converseon. I hope that I’ll have a chance to meet Paull and you one day soon enough in NYC. I’m not too far away up here in historic Boston.

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  4. Congrats to Converseon for landing Paull, I was one of the few who got to meet him on his World blogging tour. At that time he was still thinking of who to join, I guess Converseon is the Winner.

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