New PR & Communications Blogs (June – October 2006)

Sorry it took me so long to update the list of PR and Communications blogs. You’ll find below the list of blogs I found in the last 4 month, as well as the blogs that have changed their addresses (or feeds). Also, I deleted from the list a number of weblogs that haven’t been updated in the last year, as well as other blogs that are less focussed on PR and communications.


General information:







Secrets Of Press Releases – Arun Agrawal:

Ronnie Simpson:

Toni’s blog – Toni Muzi Falconi, Global PR Alliance:

TechNed – group blog, Hill & Knowlton Netherlands:

New Zealand
NPSC Blog – Network of Public Sector Communicators:

PR 2.0 – Maciej Lason, Edelman:


The Panel (podcast) — MediaConnect Asia:

La central de datos – David Moran, Edelman:

Emerging Communications – Therese Oernberg Berglund, PhD student:


Geneva Communicators – group blog:

Trinidad and Tobago
Caribbean Public Relations – Karel Mc Intosh:

United Kingdom

United States


Changes of URLs and feeds:


No longer available:

No longer maintained/ not updated in the last year:

No longer in the list:


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  3. Thanks for the link, Constantin – and I’ll also take the opportunity to note that we’re a full-service social media agency; it’s not just me out here!

  4. Hi Constantin

    Thx for listing me up here. I’m surprised you find me though; as I presume you don’t speak any Dutch :) Who did break the news I was blogging on PR?

    I was thinking of including a whole bunch of Belgian PR bloggers, but alas, I must say there are not a great many of us. After doing some research I only found Philippe Borremans on, who introduced me to the whole lot…

    I’ll keep you posted though, as I ‘m thinking of moving away from my blogplatform. Blogsource is quite rubish if you want to be found.

    Keep up the good work !


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  6. Hi Constantin

    I’ve made the switch and moved my blog to WordPress. The new URL is

    You won’t see any more updates on the Blogsource-account… (by the way, now that I’ve seen WordPress functionalities: Blogsource is rubbish)

    Thx for altering this in your next overview.


  7. Thanks, Constantin for the listing. You were one of my first blog critiques for class at Auburn University. I’ll graduate this Friday, but am keeping my blog active for myself, and look forward to having a bit more free time to catch up on PR and WWW!

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