Add a New PR flare for your feed in 7 easy steps

You’re writing about PR and communication (or not :). You want to help your readers to promote your postings on NewPR Crispynews (what’s that?). But how?

It’s simple: add a flare to your Feedburner RSS feed:

1. Log into your Feedburner accountand click on the feed’s title in the My Feeds page.

3. Click on Optimize.

Adding a flare - Optimize

3. In the left side menu, click on FeedFlare.

FeedFlare menu

4. You’ll find a list of Official FeedBurner Flares; at the bottom of the list is a Personal Flare. Paste this URL – in the Personal Flare space, then click on Add New Flare.

Add a Personal Flare

5. The Submit to Crispynews flare is now displayed under Personal Flare. Check the left side box.

Check the Personal Flare box

6. Scroll down the page and see how the flare will look like in your RSS feed (hint: it’s the Add to NewPR link). If you have other flares enabled, you can change their order by drag-and-drop. You can also get HTML code that will show the flare on your blog. Just choose your platform and a window will pop-up; there you’ll find the code and how to add it to your templates.

Arrange the flares' order

7. Finally, click on Save (at the bottom of the page).

Now you can go to your blog’s Feedburner feed, and check to see if the flare is there. Here’s mine:

Check the flare in Feedburner

If you click on the Add to NewPR link in your feed, it should redirect you to the submit page on NewPR Crispynews, and title and URL of your entry should be there, too. (You’re not going to see a title if the title of your post is not in the blog’s entry title tag.)

Also, if you added the flare to your blog template, refresh your blog’s homepage and check if the flare is there.

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