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NoteThis resource doesn’t exist anymore; the service on which it was built (CrispyNews) was acquired by Salesforce (and used for interesting things like Dell’s IdeaStorm). You can still find an archive of the page via the Internet Archive.
  • What: A Digg-like website for PR and Comm news — top stories, debates, interviews, blog postings, podcasts, research, etc.
  • Where: newpr.crispynews.com
  • Why: To identify and promote the most interesting PR-related articles
  • Who: You :)
  • How:
    • go to the site (you’ll find a couple of articles I posted, just to get this started)
    • register for a username with your e-mail address
    • submit news items (make them count): strong>use this bookmarklet: Share on New PR (thank you, Kami)
    • vote on the news stories already posted, and comment on them
    • subscribe to the feeds (for all the articles, recent articles, and recent votes)
  • Questions, comments? Read this first, and leave a comment here. If there’s something you don’t like, say it; we can change everything – title, description, categories, etc..

Is it going to work? (what about irrelevant content, lack of votes, etc.). I don’t know. It’s up to you :)

Hat tip: Anthony Mayfield, who wrote about starting a “Digg-a-like [site] for marketing and PR stuff in the UK“. I recommended him CrispyNews, than I thought about following my own advice.


  • you can vote on a story as a guest, but your vote will count 3 points; if you vote as an user (after registering), it will count 10 points :)
  • if you click on the article’s title you’re redirected to the original article; if you’re clicking on “Full view” you can see who voted for the article. For example, here are the votes for Stephen Davies’s 12 steps to a successful PR campaign
  • you can see also the most recent articles (feed)
  • here are the users who submited or voted on articles; also, each user can track his/her record (votes, articles submitted, comments)
  • finally, you can associate an image with an article – here’s one submitted by John Wagner

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