NewPR developments

  • PRWeb is “working on new social bookmarking, content recommendation and expert profile ranking using principles of Web 2.0,” and on “APIs that will allow others to interact with our content in revolutionary ways.” [source: Lee Odden’s interview with PRWeb’s CEO, David McInnis]
  • The Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) will launch the first issues of the Journal of New Communications Research at a research symposium scheduled for this coming Fall. They’re looking for support.
  • Dan Karleen is working with the SNCR on “a blogging study that’s looking at how well corporate blogging policies are working“. He’s also the host of Conversation Strategies in Higher Education, a Skypecast on how colleges and universities can “capitalize on new communication and networking tools to foster meaningful dialogue with constituents.”
  • Mike Manuel has a teaser :) about an upcoming site –
  • Edelman will launch a new type of press release in June. It looks like they’re reading Todd Deffren.