Waiting for Cymphony/Porter-Novelli’s survey results

Back in March 2006, Cymfony was announcing the launch of a survey -done in partnership with Porter-Novelli and Russell Research- on corporate blogging best practices. Now it looks like the preliminary results are in, although the survey continues to be online (hm).

With the risk of becoming a bore with my obsession on survey reporting practices, I’ll say it again:

I hope the final report is going to include a detailed explanation of the survey’s limitations (self-selection, nonprobabilistic sample, lack of control over the survey instrument, etc.), and that the conclusions will be qualified.

I hope Cymphony and Porter-Novelli are not going to pull a Guidewire or an Edelman/Technorati with this survey. (If you don’t know what I mean, please follow the links below.)

Update: Jim Nail responds in the comments.

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