Waiting for Edelman (blog survey report)

The results of the Edelman/Technorati ‘blog survey’ are in.

I’m curious to see how the survey is going to be reported by Edelman and Technorati, in terms of methodology and relevance.

The signs are not exactly encouraging:

  • the entry announcing the results has no discussion of survey’s limitations
  • the survey is already called “a study of influential bloggers’ attitudes” (emphasis added) — although there’s no explanation on how the not-so-influential bloggers were preventend from taking the survey
  • responses to the open-ended questions are published along with the responders’ IP addresses; I’m not sure that this is what the responders understood when they were assured that “the study is confidential and anonymous.”
  • there’s no analysis of responses to the three open-ended questions included in the survey

Anyway, I’ll wait for the “oficial” report (I hope there is one).

Oct. 7 updatePhil Gomes: Edelman is preparing “a more formal analysis” of the data,