A story with a happy ending (was “A PR pro needs your help NOW”)

Happy ending! Shari has received a liver through UNOS, and her transplant operation has been a success! Wonderful news! Take care, Shari.


Liver transplant is needed

Shari Kurzrok, a 31-year-old VP at Ogilvy PR Worldwide, will die within days if she does not receive a liver transplant.

She was admitted to New York University Medical Center last weekend, and was told she needs an immediate liver transplant to save her life. Her illness is unexplained.

Ogilvy is reaching out to the PR industry on Kurzrok’s behalf.

The Great Neck, N.Y. native is to be married in October. She led Ogilvy’s “Save-a-Life-Tour” to raise the awareness of the need for blood donations in a campaign for the American Red Cross. That effort collected more than 3.2M pints of blood, and registered more than 38,000 new donors.

Information about a liver transplant referral for Kurzrok is at 877-223-3386.

(Source: O’Dwyer’s PR. Hat tip: Jeremy Pepper.)


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