Jeremy Pepper’s interview with Adam Brown, eKetchum

What’s new in this interview:

  • Ketchum will launch a blog for its KPM practice
  • Jeremy Pepper got an iPod mini for suggesting Ketchum to add a disclaimer to their website,

What’s not new: a lot of unanswered questions, and some “copy-paste” responses.

More comments a little bit later.


  1. If all the people who made nasty comments about eKetchum get an iPod Shuffle then what about the people who worked themselves raw to help get Adam Brown all the glory he’s now claiming for himself? Where’s my iPod Shuffle? All I ended-up getting (before I quit eKetchum) was lost sleep, migraines, phone calls at 8:00AM on Sunday mornings, pneumonia, and a wrecked home life. If I’d have gotten even an ounce of respect from someone who is only worried about their own reputation, maybe I’d still be there to support Adam Brown in his endeavors…rather than where I am now.

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