RSS is 6 years old/young

March 15, 1999: Netscape Opens My Netscape to Millions of Web Publishers:

The My Netscape Network is built on the RDF Site Summary format (RSS). RSS is a new, open file format that enables the exchange of content summaries and e-commerce data between Web sites. By joining the My Netscape Network, publishers can use RSS to create their own My Netscape channel. This channel can then be used by the publisher to deliver frequently updated content to the fast-growing My Netscape audience.

On the same day – Dave Winer:

Our announcement: Scripting News is the first site to support RSS. […] Compare RSS with scriptingNews format, which is richer, it includes enough information to do an elegant syndication-based search engine (coming later today).


(Via Dave Winer’s Scripting News.)

6 years old, already? What’s next — going to school?

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